Cutting the Carbon

Continuing the positive impact on the environment is our aim as we re-open our learning centres after lockdown. We’re putting together our own environmental audit and asking other small businesses to get in touch with a view to sharing this as a model.

“We’ve all seen the positive impact on the environment during lockdown,” said Launch2Learning director Marie Wykes, “and we want to build on this by continuing to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. It would be great to work in partnership with other small businesses. By working together and with each of us starting to make small changes, our combined efforts could have a huge effect.”

Conscious that there are other challenges for businesses to address as a result of the pandemic, our aim is to establish a model that is realistic, manageable and affordable. We are mapping out our actions and compiling a step-by-step record which is practical for others to easily adopt.

The first stage of the plan has taken place this week with the redecoration of our centres in Calne and Royal Wootton Bassett, having sourced eco-friendly paint from a local paint supplier. Huge thanks to Jerry at Brewers who helped us find a paint that is virtually free from VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), the gases given off by paint which contain chemicals. It’s good for the environment and for those with allergies, too.

Further steps being taken currently include doing away with all single-use plastics, using only recycled paper and exercise books, and eco-friendly cleaning materials.

Businesses interested in playing a part are invited to contact Launch2Learning on 01249 892147.

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