Jack’s reading age has improved by 2 years in four months, thanks to Launch2Learning.

Jack’s Mum

Helped get the grades I needed to get into sixth form.


The tutor makes maths lessons fun and friendly and breaks things down to help me understand.

E has gone from being a nervous child with no confidence and a negative feeling about education to a happy young lady. She has come on leaps and bounds since starting her sessions at Launch2Learning. E’s confidence has improved massively and her attitude towards learning is now 100% positive. All the staff have made her feel safe and comfortable and really brought out the best in her. She now has all the confidence she needs to start her new school in September. Everyone says she has changed so much. She is a different child. At one point our whole family was falling apart, and now we are extremely happy.
Debbie H Parent

Launch2Learning have provided us with an invaluable and cost efficient resource for our ‘top end’ students often in terms of crisis. They are thoroughly flexible and always adapt to the needs of both the school and the child. The quality of the tutoring is excellent. It is delivered by a team of specialist tutors who develop effective relationships with some very challenging students. Launch2Learning have supported the school through both CAF and EHC processes, by providing reports and sending representatives to meetings. Attendance/safeguarding information is sent through promptly to ensure the pastoral needs of the students are also met. In dealing with the team at Launch2Learning, you really do feel that you are dealing with fellow educational professionals who are very much ‘on the same side’ rather than with a private company. I would not hesitate to recommend them unreservedly to both other schools and parents.

Adrian Roberts SENCO

Having a child who is struggling at school makes you feel all sorts of emotions. For me it was guilt and worry that I, as a parent, had done something wrong.

As a military family our children have had many amazing experiences but unfortunately because of the frequent moves our daughter, who is 9 has become behind age appropriate expectations in Maths.

When her most recent school informed me, she was a year behind where she should be in Maths I initially panicked and didn’t know what to do or how I could help her.

I researched what help there was in the area and came across various options. Computer based tutoring, recommended tutors and Launch2Learning. I was keen for her to have help from a qualified teacher rather than a computer programme.

I decided to contact Launch to Learning and have a chat. During the call I was greeted with warmth, listened to and reassured.

I think I was on the phone talking about my daughter for nearly an hour! But afterwards I felt like a massive weight had been lifted and I was confident they would be able to give my daughter the support she needed.

My daughter needed persuading initially to attend her first session. I think we were both apprehensive, but those nerves didn’t last long because we were greeted by Debbie in the most friendly and enthusiastic way possible. It felt like Debbie understood my daughter from the beginning. She is an amazing teacher and her passion for teaching shines through.

I collected my daughter an hour later and the transformation was instant, she was beaming and full of new found confidence.

Debbie in one hour had given my daughter something that I had been trying to do for months, confidence in her Maths ability.

We are now 4 months in and my daughter goes to Maths not only willingly but happily. Her confidence has continued to grow and my once Maths hating daughter is (& she probably wouldn’t admit this) beginning to find a love for number.

I receive weekly feedback from her tutor and Debbie always makes time to chat about progress. The admin staff are very helpful, enquiries are always replied to promptly and helpfully. Now it’s not just my daughter that looks forward to Maths I also do because I enjoy chatting to the amazing staff and other parents that use Launch2Learning.

My daughter is still not quite where she should be with Maths, but she is going in the right direction and her school has noticed an improvement in her perseverance, confidence and knowledge.

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