Alternative Provision

Experts in Academic provision for vulnerable students in calm, nurturing environments.

Flexible packages in four centres.

Proven outcomes with our bespoke, destination pathway service.


We facilitate improvement in students grades and confidence.

At Launch2Learning, we recognise that there is no such thing as one size fits all. We know that all our students need different support. Therefore, we have a range of packages which are available.

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Package One: Alternative Provision

Alternative Provision in one of our 4 centres – to make great academic progress and emotional resilience in our calm and nurturing centres.

Package Two: Re-Integration

Re-integration Program: For many students wanting to re-integrate into school, it seems like a daunting challenge. However, having made leaps in academic achievement and emotional stability, a pathway back into mainstream education can be the best way forward. If our Alternative Provision has acted as a respite package, we can offer a re-integration program where schools can have specialist support who will work with classroom teachers and teaching assistants to create a program that will support their student to find success within the school. The ongoing support offered will make sure that success continues after the initial program.

Package Three: Inclusion

Inclusion Project. Taking the principles of the re-integration package, we can offer support within school in order to enable teachers and teaching assistants to cater for students who may find that the classroom environment is particularly emotionally challenging or overwhelming. We offer a detailed initial assessment by our SEMH specialist teacher who will then write and deliver a specialist package which is gradually handed over to the school for in house delivery by school staff. There is an ongoing support program, to ensure continuing success.

Package Four: Online 1:1

Online – For some of our students, coming into our centres is not possible for a range of reasons. Our tutors are able to work 1:1 with students via Zoom to offer the same fantastic teaching but online instead.

Package Five: Offsite Provision

Tuition in an alternative location as a means of engaging students who have had a very tricky pathway through their education and need a very high level of support in order to re-engage. This will involve a multi-agency approach (support from other professionals) for several sessions.

We are delighted to announce we are able to introduce Functional Skills ICT for delivery for our AP students!

Prices starting at £55 per hour.
Please contact, or call one of our centres.

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